Live Webinar – Social Media Marketing 

Learn Social Media Marketing Skills & grow your business on Social Networks.

Live Webinar – Social Media Marketing

Sunday, 4th April 2021  @ 11Am to 2pm

We are organizing a Live Webinar – “Social Media Marketing Master Class” to help entrepreneurs get a professional blueprint to promote & grow their business on social media.

Be you are an established business or a brand-new page, you will learn best strategies & trends that works & will help you Generate leads & build your brand in 2021.

Session Includes:

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategies & Action plan
  2. Facebook Organic page growth
  3. How to run ads on Facebook & Instagram
  4. Using Instagram effectively for your business
  5. Secret formula of content creation every month
  6. How to create attractive images for marketing
  7. How to target audience for effective lead generation

Learn “Effective Strategies & Action Plan” to grow your business on social platforms & take it to next level.

Early bird discount: Register Now @ Rs. 299/- only.

Webinar on 4th April 2021 @ 11 AM to 2 Pm

Social Media Webinar - 4th April 2021 - Internet Vidya

Live Webinar – Social Media Marketing.

Why Join Webinar

Social Media Marketing is Must for Your Business



Learn to reach your customers over Facebook & Instagram


Facebook promotion strategies & organic page growth.


How to run targeted Ads on Facebook for lead generation.


Creating attractive content & Images with free tools.

Who Should Join

Live Webinar – Practical Session



Entrepreneurs / Start Ups


Homebased Businesses




Artists & Freelancers


Marketing & Sales Professionals



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Struggling to make facebook & instagram work for your business?

Join our Live Webinar on Social Media Marketing Best strategies & Action Plan for 2021 to grow your business online.


Sunday, 21st March 2021


Time: 11 am to 2 pm


Register @ Rs. 299/- Only

Make Digital Marketing an integral Part of your business strategy

– For Startups ,Professionals and Enterprenuers.


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